Drinking Water Quality

As a drinking water provider, CFPUA conducts hundreds of tests every month on water throughout our service area. In order to stay ahead of trends and monitor the performance of our treatment technology, CFPUA conducts required and voluntary tests on a wide array of contaminants. These tests help us monitor for compounds that are currently regulated, or may be regulated in the future, and help us to understand when future investment in more advanced treatment technology may be necessary.


Conbagui.Tut.Running WaterWhere Can I Find the Results of Required CFPUA Water Testing for My Area?

Results are published in the CFPUA's annual Water Quality Report.  

Where can i find the results for emerging contaminant testing?

Both recent and historical results for unregulated emerging contaminants such as GenX, PFOA and PFOS, and 1,4-Dioxane can be found on our Emerging Contaminants page.

Where can I learn about the compounds CFPUA tests for?

To learn more about compounds that CFPUA conducts special testing for, see the "More Information on Compounds Found In Drinking Water" list below. The links will take you to a page that gives a brief description of each compound.