Mission Statement

To provide quality water and wastewater services to our community.

Strategic Vision

To achieve excellence in all we do while enhancing our community’s quality of life.

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CFPUA is committed to the values of Stewardship, Sustainability, Service, and Safety. These values serve as a guide for ethical decisions, provide a gauge for measuring success, and define our responsibility to the community. They guide our organization in the following ways:

Stewardship: Managing our organizational, community, and environmental resources responsibly.

Sustainability: Making decisions today to meet the needs of current and future generations. 

Service: Providing professional, timely services while contributing to the welfare of our community.

Safety: Making the safety of our staff and the community our highest priority.


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As a WRN (Weather Ready Nation) Ambassador, CFPUA helps make the nation more ready, responsive, and resilient against extreme environmental hazards. We are committed to working with the National Weather Service (NWS) and other Ambassadors to strengthen national resilience against extreme weather. The effort is a force-multiplier for NWS; sharing messages with with our Ambassadors reaches many times more people than the NWS can alone, including vulnerable populations in their communities