Understanding Your Bill

CFPUA bills every 2 months, around every 55 to 65 days, so you will receive 6 bills a year. Variations to this schedule may occur due to weekends, holidays, and weather events.

Amount Due:

Total Amount Due reflects the total for the current two-month billing period, which also includes the Past Due amount.


Payment due date is 30 days after the account is billed. If payment is not received by the due date:

•           A late fee is applied;

•           A delinquent letter is sent 14 days after the due date;

•           The account becomes eligible for disconnection 14 days after the date of the delinquency letter.


Below is an example of a bill with key sections highlighted:

Reading-your-billMailing AddressBill DateAccount NumberLast PaymentBalance ForwardTotal Amount DueCurrent Date DueAmount if Paid After Date DueService PeriodService AddressServiceMeter #Read DatePrevious ReadingCurrent ReadingMeter UnitsUsage in 1,000 GallonsAmount DueTotal CFPUA ChargesTotal Wilmington ChargesTotal Amount DueImportant InformationBill MessageHistory of Usage