Retirement Plans

Local Government Employer Retirement System (LGERS)

CFPUA is proud to be a part of the North Carolina Retirement System for Local Government. This is a "defined benefit" retirement program, meaning benefits are guaranteed based on length of credible service and annual salary. Each employee contributes a mandatory 6% and CFPUA contributes 11.35% as the employer. To be vested, an employee must be employed for five years. Generally, you can retire with full benefits if you meet any of the following:

  •  Age 65 with 5 years of credible service
  • Age 60 with 25 years of credible service
  • Completing 30 years of credible service regardless of age

**There are many laws, statutes and individual circumstances that impact credible service. Please contact the NC Retirement Systems Division with specific questions related to credible service.


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LGERS Handbook

Establish a login here to access retirement calculations, beneficiary updates, buy back, and various forms.

NC Plans

CFPUA partners with NC Total Retirement available through Prudential for additional retirement savings options. Employees have many choices to manage their retirement planning. This includes 401(k), 457(b), Roth 401(k), and/or Roth 457(b).

Full time employees receive a 2% contribution into their 401(k). CFPUA will also match an employee’s contribution up to 2% into the employee’s 401(k) if the employee chooses to contribute into any of the Roth, 401(k), or 457(b) plans.

You may enroll or make changes at any time during the year.


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