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Water Treatment Facility Tours

  1. Sweeney Water Treatment Plant 1833 N. 5th Ave. Wilmington, NC 28401

    Located near downtown, the 35-MGD Sweeney Water Treatment Plant is CFPUA’s largest system. This newly expanded, state-of-the-art facility treats water taken from the Cape Fear River and distributes safe, clean drinking water to residents within the Wilmington city limits and portions of New Hanover County.

    Richardson Water Treatment Plant 637 Groundwater Way, Wilmington, NC 28411

    Located in the Ogden area, the Richardson Plant treats groundwater from various well sources drawing from the Castle Hayne and PeeDee Aquifer and delivers to residents in northern New Hanover County.

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    Because of the industrial setting and treatment nature of our facility, children under 5 are not permitted to enter the plant facility. Student/ school groups are required to provide appropriate number of chaperones – generally one chaperone per five students.

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