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Emergency Alerts via CivicReady

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority has launched CivicReady, a new system for emergency alerts.


CivicReady is a communication service available to our customers to receive emergency notifications via text/SMS, call, and/or email. 

Examples of emergency notifications include:

  • Utility and Service Disruption
  • Water Emergencies
  • Sewer Emergencies

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CivicReady Signup Instructions

Customers can tailor alert preferences by creating an account using the form below. Sign up to receive alerts in any combination of SMS (text), voice telephone call, and/or email. When signing up, it is important you include your water service address to receive alerts impacting your specific location. As many two addresses can be entered on your profile.

CFPUA may contact you through CivicReady in the event of a localized emergency based on your subscription preferences. Sign up today to stay connected!

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