Grease Interceptor Info

Variance Requests

  1. The owner or responsible official of a permitted FSE may apply online for a variance study after operating for a minimum of 90 days.
  2. The FSE will be charged for the study in accordance with the current fee schedule.
  3. The Compliance Officer will coordinate with the FSE to observe a grease interceptor service at the start of the study. This is to ensure that the grease interceptor is functioning as designed and does not require repair.
  4. The study shall not begin until the interceptor is observed by a Compliance officer while being pumped by a service company.
  5. The study shall not continue until required repairs or modifications are made.
  6. A Compliance officer will inspect the Interceptor approximately monthly during the study. At the conclusion of the study a certified letter will be mailed to the FSE indicating the required pumping frequency.
  7. If you have an active CFPUA account, the fee for the study will be added to your bill. If not, you will receive an invoice.