Water Meter Replacement

Phase two of CFPUA's Water Meter Replacement Program began in March, 2017 and involves replacing over 17,000 water meters within our service area. A successful pilot project in 2016 preceded this phase and included installation of approximately one thousand water meters in order to test both the meters and the overall replacement process.

Meter replacement is part of CFPUA’s effort to upgrade its technology and ensure its services meet or exceed industry standards. The new meters replace ones that are near end-of-life and allow CFPUA to bill with greater accuracy and efficiency. New meters use automatic meter reading technology to transmit readings to handheld and mobile devices, reducing the likelihood of billing errors while improving employee safety. They will record consumption with greater accuracy, capturing the usage of water which may not have been registering through an aging meter. 

The General Contractor for the program is Pedal Valves, Inc. and they are responsible for the proper installation of the new meters. Employees will be wearing uniforms or shirts and carry identification.  Pedal Valves employees carry ID, drive Pedal Valve marked trucks and wear blue shirts marked “PVI Meter Replacement Team.”

While an employee of Pedal Valves may come to a customer’s door to inform them work will begin, neither Pedal Valves, Inc. nor CFPUA employees will ever ask a customer for any payment or personal information at your home at any time.  If this takes place, we advise the customer to first contact the proper authorities, then inform CFPUA by calling (910) 332-6550 or via our Contact Us online form.

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