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Posted on: May 11, 2018

Special Update: More on CFPUA Board Action on Emerging Contaminants

This week, the CFPUA Board of Directors authorized the utility to move forward with the next steps needed to upgrade the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant to remove per-fluorinated compounds from the finished water.

In a presentation given to the Board on Wednesday, Executive Director Jim Flechtner summarized the work CFPUA has done to monitor levels of the compounds and shared the final results of the pilot study at the Sweeney Plant.

Since Wednesday, CFPUA has received feedback from the community, and we would like to take the opportunity to respond to three questions we have received often.

Is there ongoing litigation against Chemours and Dupont? 

In October 2017, CFPUA filed a lawsuit against Chemours and Dupont in federal district court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. Litigation is ongoing, and the purpose of this legal action is to recover related damages and costs, such as an upgrade to the Sweeney Plant. In the meantime, CFPUA is taking quick action to improve water quality.

If CFPUA upgrades the plant, would there be a rate increase? 

If CFPUA upgrades the Sweeney Plant with Granular Activated Carbon technology, it will cost about $46 million for the initial design and construction, in addition to annual operating costs of approximately $2 million per year. If CFPUA does not receive funds from an alternate source, ratepayers will see an expected increase to their water & sewer bill of $5 per month, or $60 per year.

When would customers first see the increase on their bill? 

If a rate increase is necessary to pay for the costs of upgrading the Plant, customers would begin to see that increase in July 2020.

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