Posted on: February 9, 2017

Update on Marquis Hills Area Septic-to-Sewer Connection Process

Dear Marquis Hills Area Residents,

During our last public meeting concerning the Marquis Hills Area Septic-to-Sewer project on December 7, 2016, CFPUA staff informed you that the mandatory connection process would start after we received final certification for the work. At the time, we stated that we expected the date to be on or around February 1, 2017.

Unfortunately, the final certification has been delayed on a week-by-week basis since mid-January. I have received calls from some of you wondering if the connection packets had been mailed yet and if you had simply missed it in the mail.

I am writing today to tell you that is not the case and that I appreciate your diligence regarding the connection process. I received an update this morning informing me that the final certification is expected next week with the packets being mailed out immediately thereafter. If the final certification is received next week, the connection packets should arrive at your door VIA CERTIFIED MAIL the week of February 20th.

If you were holding off on contacting a plumber until you received your packet, CFPUA suggests that you can contact prospective plumbers at this time to check on their availability and get estimates for the connection. As we have stated in the past, there are more than 700 connections to be made in a relatively short period of time. The earlier you act in the connection period, the better off you are likely to be.

We did receive a partial certification for the half-dozen or so property owners who contacted us and told us they were in a dire situation. Those owners have been informed of their ability to connect. If you are experiencing a true emergency, please contact me directly at this email address or by phone at 332-6704.

I apologize for this unexpected delay.


Mike McGill

Chief Communications Officer

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA)

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