Drinking Water Quality

CFPUA conducts hundreds of tests every month on drinking water taken from throughout our service area. Some of these tests are taken daily, such as Chlorine or Total Coliform, and are required by the State of North Carolina. Other tests are still required, but are conducted only a few times per year.

In addition to tests required by the State, however, CFPUA runs other tests known as “specials.” These tests help CFPUA monitor the water for other chemicals, some of which are unregulated, so that we remain informed of trends in our source water and treatment effectiveness. CFPUA uses this data for its own internal research and will also begin providing this data to external researchers as well to help us better understand our source waters.

View Results of Special Compound Testing

Where Can I Find the Results of CFPUA Water Tests for My Area?

The State of North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality maintains a database called Drinking Water Watch, which provides data submitted by public water utilities on water quality, regulatory enforcement actions and information on when and where sampling occurs within the system. CFPUA is an active participant in this program and we submit results for tests that the State of North Carolina requires us to run on drinking water such as: Lead and Copper, Total Coliform, Chlorine and Turbidity, to name just a few.

To view CFPUA’s results for required tests, any past violations or enforcement actions and a host of other information, please follow the instructions below.

How do I access Drinking Water Watch?

  1. You will need to know the water system number for the area of New Hanover County you are interested in. CFPUA maintains three different water systems within our service area. Please look at this map, find the area you would like to see the results for, and write down the number printed on top of that area. EX: If would like to see results for Downtown Wilmington, the number is: NC0465010
  2. Once you have the system number, access the Drinking Water Watch database page.
  3. If you are only interested in one particular CFPUA system, enter your system number in the first box titled “Water System No.” If you would like information on all three of CFPUA’s water systems, type “Cape Fear Public Utility Authority” into the box titled “Company Name.”
  4. Hit Enter or click the button “Search for Water Systems.”
  5. You will then be directed to a results page. Find the system you would like to learn more about and click the water system number in the far-left cell.
  6. This link will take you to the homepage for the water system’s database profile. From here, you can follow links to find information on: violations, enforcement actions, sampling results or the treatment facilities themselves.

View Instructions in PDF