Understanding Your Bill

CFPUA bills every 2 months, around every 55 to 65 days, so you will receive 6 bills a year. Variations to this schedule may occur due to weekends, holidays, and weather events.

Below is an example of a bill. Move your mouse over bill items for explanations on each one.

Please note:
Balance Forward means past due and should be paid as soon as possible to avoid service interruption. Total Amount Due reflects the total for the current two-month billing period, not including the Balance Forward amount. 

Payment due date is 30 days after the account was billed. If payment is not received by the due date:

  • A late fee is applied 1 day after the payment due date.
  • A delinquent letter is sent 23 days, including weekends, after the late fee was applied.
  • Water service will be turned off 14 days, including weekends, after the delinquent letter is mailed
Mailing Address Bill Date Account Number Last Payment Balance Forward Total Amount Due Current Date Due Amount if Paid After Date Due Service Period Service Address Service Meter # Read Date Previous Reading Current Reading Meter Units Usage in 1,000 Gallons Amount Due Total CFPUA Charges Total Wilmington Charges Total Amount Due Important Information Bill Message History of Usage Payment Information