Inspections & Permits

Requests may be submitted in person at one of our locations, mailed to 235 Government Center Dr., Wilmington, NC 28403, or uploaded using the links listed below.


Certificate of Occupancy

C/O requests are handled by our Engineering department. The CFPUA Inspector will complete the inspection within two days of the request. Any failed inspection will be charged a re-inspection fee which must be paid at Customer Service after all corrections are made. Customer Service will then generate a re-inspection request.

  1. Complete all items on this CO Inspection Checklist
  2. Submit online to Engineering Inspections


Apply for the following permits online with Customer Service

30-Day Irrigation Permit
Fire Protection System Permit
Underground Fire Line Permit

Apply for the following permits online with Community Compliance

Authorization to Construct (ATC) for Grease Interceptor Permit
For all new grease interceptor installations

Authorization to Construct (ATC) for Trap Separators Permit
For all new oil/water separators installations

Backflow Installation Permit
For your Backflow Prevention Assembly installation and inspection.

Brewery Permit
For all new breweries

Food Service Establishment (FSE) Permit
For all new restaurants

Industrial Waste Survey - Short Form

Industrial Waste Survey - Long Form

Special Water Use Permit - For Hydrant Use
For hydrant use during a community event.