2017 Flushing Program


WILMINGTON, NC, August 4, 2017:  CFPUA's water distribution system flushing program for 2017 has ended. The details remain below for your information.

When:  April - August 2017
Flushing is conducted during the overnight hours between 9:00 p.m. an 7:00 a.m. Monday nights through Friday morning. Flushing is not conducted on the weekends.

Where: Flushing crews move progressively through the water distribution system. Section maps and affected areas are listed each Monday to indicate where crews are anticipated to be. We make every attempt to keep the schedule up-to-date; however the schedule can change with little or no notice depending on weather conditions, crew progress or unforeseen issues.

Why:  W
ater quality crews conduct annual flushing exercises for our 1,100-mile-plus-long drinking water system. As part of CFPUA’s commitment to provide safe, reliable drinking water, the crews will flush all of our mains to maintain water quality, improve system flow, protect pipe integrity, and test essential infrastructure. Flushing is a routine maintenance operation, conducted by tens of thousands of water utilities every year. During the work, water is forced through pipes at high velocity and systematically flushed out of the fire hydrants, removing accumulated mineral sediment. 

In addition to the 1,100-plus miles of water mains CFPUA maintains, we are also responsible for more than 7,700 fire hydrants and nearly 15,000 water valves. When CFPUA crews flush the system, they also test large water main valves and fire hydrants to make sure they are properly operating. The program’s usage of water is essential to its success and is budgeted for every year.

CURRENT FLUSHING AREAS  (updated Mondays before 3pm):

CFPUA's system flushing program for 2017 has ended.