2017 Flushing Program

Important water quality-related work also helps maintain more than 1,100 miles of mains. Locations updated weekly here and via Twitter at @CFPUA.

WILMINGTON, NC, March 29, 2017:  Beginning Monday, April 3rd, and continuing throughout the spring and summer months, Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) water quality crews will be conducting our annual flushing program for our 1,100-mile-plus-long drinking water system. As part of CFPUA’s commitment to provide safe, reliable drinking water, the crews will flush all of our mains to maintain water quality, improve system flow, protect pipe integrity, and test essential infrastructure

This is the fifth year CFPUA will conduct the program during the spring and summer months. Flushing occurs during the spring and summer for two main reasons: 1) warmer weather can increase the possibility of issues with disinfection byproducts; and 2) conditions are safer for our employees – and our customers - by eliminating the potential for nighttime freezing of roadways and sidewalks.

Flushing is a routine maintenance operation, conducted by tens of thousands of water utilities every year. During the work, water is forced through pipes at high velocity and systematically flushed out of the fire hydrants, removing accumulated mineral sediment. 

To minimize customer impact, the program work is conducted during the overnight hours between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. Monday nights thru Friday mornings.  Because of the nature of the process, it is possible that customers may experience periods of low pressure and/or water discoloration while flushing is taking place in their area. Therefore, it is recommended that customers refrain from washing clothes and minimize water use while flushing is being conducted. Customers who experience discoloration are advised to run the cold water for at least one minute to allow the lines to clear.

In addition to the 1,100-plus miles of water mains CFPUA maintains, we are also responsible for more than 7,700 fire hydrants and nearly 15,000 water valves. When CFPUA crews flush the system, they also test large water main valves and fire hydrants to make sure they are properly operating. The program’s usage of water is essential to its success and is budgeted for every year.

The entire flushing program is expected to run through the end of September.  Section maps and updates will be posted Mondays on our website, www.cfpua.orgClick on the 2017 Flushing Program link on the left hand side of the page.  We will also provide updates via our Twitter handle, @CFPUA, on Monday afternoons.

​CURRENT FLUSHING AREAS  (updated Mondays before 3pm):

​Areas are roughly described below, typically completed in order throughout the week. Click on the SECTION links below to view map area. Completion of each week's list is dependent on system conditions. Schedule may change with little or no notice. Unfinished areas typically carry over into the following week.

Section 10B - Green Meadows Drive east of Market Street; Station Road, Blair School Road, Toulon Street, Northwood Drive, Spartan Road; areas west of Military Cutoff Drive from Parker Farm Road to Market Street including Mayfaire Towne Center, Village at Mayfaire, Sea Spray)
Section 10C - Kings Grant east of N. College Road (Fitzgerald, Lord Tennyson, Lord Byron, Albemarle Road); Dutch Square (areas including Green Meadows, Old Dairy Road, Windmill)
Section 11A - Landfall (areas including Pembroke Jones Drive, Verrazzano Drive, Regatta Drive, Landfall Drive, Quandrant Circle, Summer Rest Road)
Section 11B - Landfall (areas including Deer Island Drive, Bay Colony Lane, Turnberry Lane, Ocean Ridge Drive, Ocean Point Drive, Bedminister)