Water Meter Replacement Program

CFPUA to Begin Water Meter Replacement Program

Starting in mid-September, CFPUA will begin its Water Meter Replacement program to remove thousands of meters from our system that have met the end of their useful life and need to be replaced.  By upgrading to the new meters, CFPUA will be able to bill with greater accuracy and efficiency.  The new water meters will use automatic meter reading technology to transmit readings to handheld and mobile devices, reducing the likelihood for billing errors while improving employee safety. 

The new water meters will record consumption with greater accuracy, capturing the usage of water which may not have been registering through an aging meter.  Because CFPUA bills in thousand-gallon increments, the differences in the recorded consumption may not be enough to cause an increase in a customer’s bill.

If a bill does increase, it is likely due to the old meter underreporting water usage.  Because CFPUA’s rates have not increased since 2014, however, the likelihood that a customer will experience a significant change in their bill is reduced. 

The new water meter does not require any maintenance by the homeowner and CFPUA in charge of maintained the meter after installation.  CFPUA does ask for homeowners to continue to keep the meter box clear of obstructions in case of emergency.

Pedal Valves, Inc. of Luring, Louisiana, will serve as the General Contractor for the program, and they responsible for the proper installation of the new water meters.  Employees will be wearing uniforms or shirts and carry identification.  Pedal Valves employees will carry ID and will be driving Pedal Valve marked trucks.  They will wear blue shirts marked “PVI Meter Replacement Team”. 

Picture of PVI Worker

The following flyer will be sent to our customers on a consistent basis throughout the multi-year timeframe being used for the program.

Water Main Replacement Program Flyer

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that should address the vast majority of customer questions.  You can also contact Mike McGill, Chief Communications Officer, at 332-6704 or mike.mcgill@cfpua.org.

Water Main Replacement Programs FAQs